Nissan Titan


The Nissan came with many of the additional features we required. With these coming as part of the off-road package it meant that we did not have to have them installed, saving thousands of dollars.

  • Limited slip differentials front and rear.
  • Full electronic rear differential lock.
  • Heavy duty shock absorbers.
  • 4 wheel (high and low ratio) drive.
  • An 1850lb payload.

Modifications and Additions:

  • An ARB front bumper
  • A 12000lb WARN winch
  • Two Lightforce spotlights.
  • Adventure Trailers customized drawer system for additional storage.
  • A customized rear bumper assembly for carrying additional fuel (Jerry) cans and equipment designed and built for us by Don Kuntz in Arrowhead Alberta.
  • Rear highlift jack up points.
  • Air ride rear suspension
  • Adventure Trailers jerry can holders.
  • Seat covers
  • Rear View back up camera
  • Inverter
  • Removed rear bench seat.
  • Hard wired 12V supply for the Garmin GPS
  • Installed inverter


The camper was custom designed and built in collaboration with Outfitters of Longmont Colorado. It was based on their proven Caribou 6.5 design with modifications requested from us based on many miles of overland travel.

Our decision to go with the Outfitter was finally based on

  • Their willingness to customize a camper to our specifications
  • The ability to function in the camper with the top down, including sleeping. We wanted to be able to use the camper during the day without having to raise the roof. We also required that we be able to sleep in the camper without raising the roof in case of severe weather or unsafe locations.

Some of the interesting features include;

  • The body frame and exterior was reinforced.
  • The sides were strengthened so that equipment such as sand ladders could be attached to the sides of the camper.
  • A step down transformer was installed (220V to 110V) to handle international power supply differences
  • Regular fridge was replaced with an Engel fridge.
  • 3 plate stove replaced with 2 plates to save space.
  • Heavy duty flooring to handle mud etc
  • Replaced regular window screens with Seeum screens for added protection against tiny biting insects.
  • Additional lights on outside of camper.
  • Porta potty
  • Custom built recharging console for cameras batteries, sat phones, computers, flashlights etc
  • solar panel
  • roof rack
  • outside shower
  • furnace
  • water heater
  • Awning over door. We found that having an awning over the door is great when it rains, you do not get rain in the camper when the door is opened.
  • Storage Capacity increased. The interior was designed with storage and flexibility as key. We can fit 6 large ammo boxes inside the camper, which gives us all the storage we need in the camper. These are the same ammo boxes we used for Overlanding across Africa and they worked extremely well. In case of an emergency these boxes can be stacked in the aisle in the camper and the sitting area converted into a double bed, which allows us to sleep without having to raise the pop up and Tom can stretch out fully.

The combination of our modified Titan plus customized Outfitter camper fits all our needs. It is compact, powerful, comfortable, affordable, rugged and easy to drive. The only thing that will stop us is a gas station.

Nissan Titan with Outfitter Camper

ARB Bull Bar and Winch

Outfitter Camper on Titan Camper

Traveling the World in Outfitter Camper on Titan Nissan 

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We are often asked whether we considered other vehicles,such as Toyota Tundra and  Ford 150. And we certainly did. Our experience on the road that there are many other overlanders traveling in both Toyota and Fords and all trucks seem to do just fine. Choosing a vehicle is not that difficult, most trucks today are well built and it often just comes down to the decision, “where can I get the best deal.” We certainly would not have an issue taking either of these other trucks as our vehicle of choice. We just got the best deal with Nissan.