1997 Land Cruiser 80 Series SOLD



Engine gasoline

Why a Land Cruiser

Our experience with Cruisers in Africa has been great. It is the vehicle of choice in Africa, spares or a mechanic are usually easier to find. Other factors are simplicity, reliability comfort, size and capacity. The cruiser was purchased and modified in South Africa (Stewart Baillies) and is registered in Botswana.

Unfortunately we are unable to import the cruiser into Canada


Modifications and Equipment

Our cruiser required modifications for wilderness travel. Some the modifications /equipment on the cruiser included;

  • 2 full spare tires mounted on back with a duel spare wheel carrier
  • Awning
  • Bull bar
  • Compressor
  • Differential lock
  • Dual battery split charger system
  • Engel Fridge
  • Gauges, oil heat, battery, fuel levels in tanks,
  • High lift jack with jacking plates
  • Long range fuel tank 160L
  • Roller Drawer
  • Roof rack with a roof tent
  • Skid plate
  • Snorkel with centrifugal filter
  • Wired for Solar panel to power computer and other electronic equipment. Actual panel was stolen
  • Spare parts and mechanical tools
  • Suspension
  • Vehicle Recovery Equipment
  • Winch
  • Hidden bolted in safe
  • Security and alaram system
  • Anti hijacking system
  • Security bar between cab and rear of cruiser.

The back seats have been removed for additional storage space is available. The seats are available if you wish to replace them.

The cruiser is in excellent condition. We serviced regularly, our safety and success of the expedition was dependent on having a reliable vehicle. It is a tough vehicle and goes anywhere.