Anchorage; Great Friendship and Food

Anchorage is a pretty city surrounded by mountains and the sea. We were treated to friendship, fantastic food, dogs and a warm dry bed, by Rob and Keri who we met on the Dalton road heading for the Arctic Ocean.  We spent 2 days with them and Tom and Rob hiked through the woods with the dogs while I rested and enjoyed the view from their house. They had to put bells on the dogs and take bear spray as bears are common visitors in this area.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Museum in Anchorage it is well worth a visit. Unfortunately we did not give ourselves enough time at the museum.

We drove from Anchorage to Valdez which is where the 799 mile Trans-Alaska pipeline ends having come all the way from the Arctic Ocean just as we had. The scenery in Alaska is truly spectacular it seems that no matter which road we take we are treated to mountains, glaciers and forests


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Nearly Ready

Our Nissan is having the final modifications done and we are hoping to have the truck ready by tomorrow. Meantime we are in scramble mode as we get ready for our trip to Alaska. We have sold our home, most of our contents and are going from Real Estate to Wheel Estate on June 30th. I often wonder about our sanity, do others really sell up and leave to travel the world


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Overland Expo 2010

Our first test of driving with camper and living on the road, travelling down to Overland Expo 2010. We had snow, rain storms, hail, wind and heat so camper and Titan were well tested and both did great. It was fantastic to be back on the road. We past through beautiful sunny Sedona and witnessed the Grand Canyon in a dramatic rain storm.

Sedona Wonderland



Storm in Grand Canyon Arizona

We had a great time at Overland Expo 2010 and met some wonderful people. Many Canadians and South Africans must be travelling kind of folk. Expo was well organized Roseann Hanson did a terrific job and everyone seemed to have a blast. Lots of equipment and vehicles on show. But we need to get back on the road less travelled so now the final stage of planning is in high gear

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Camper Being Tested

Nothing like snow, rain, hail, and fierce winds to test our camper. The camper is surviving well but Tom and I are missing camping in the Africa sunshine. But it is good practice as the count down to leaving for our expedition across the Americas is now only a few months away. On our way back to Canada after attending Overland Expo 2100

On Route to Overland Expo 2010

Canadian ARB Bumper

Logo on Camper

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ARB Bumper and WARN Winch

The Nissan looks great with its new ARB bumper and winch. Still waiting for lights that we ordered. We had an ARB bumper on our Land Cruiser and we were very satisfied with it. We will be reviewing using a winch for vehicle recovery. We understand how important it is to use equipment safely and the importance of reviewing our techiques

ARB Bumper

ARB Bumper Arizona


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