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Trucks Held Hostage in Port Freed by Squeeze Team

Our trucks were being held hostage by the Manzanillo port workers in Panama who refused to load our trucks as they were afraid they would damage the trucks. They also refused to allow us to personally drive the trucks into a container and our trucks were stuck in no man’s land, officially stamped out of Panama yet unable to be loaded onto a ship to leave Panama. Serious negotiations had to be done by our shipping agent Julio. Julio came through like a trooper and after several days of tense negotiations we were heading back to the port to try…
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Shipping Panama to Colombia -Trucks Stuck in Port

Scientists can get men to the moon but can’t get a truck across the Darien Gap. They can build a shipping canal 77km (48 miles) linking the Pacific Ocean with the Atlantic Ocean that takes oil tankers, container and cruiser ships over the continental divide lifting them 85 feet above sea level but they can’t build a road across the Darien Gap. The Darien Gap is a large undeveloped mixture of swampland and forest linking Central and South America. It measures just over 160km (99 miles) long and 50km (31 miles) wide. There is no road across this swath of…
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