Nissan Titan and Camper Missing in High Seas

It seems as if our truck and camper are off on their own adventures. We bid them farewell in Chile, after securing them into a shipping container and we headed back to Canada to wait our reunion which was scheduled for December 29th 2011. Oops did we get the year wrong did they mean 2012?

December 29th came and went, but no ship and no container. We went online and tracked our shipping container to Panama. OMG the container had been off loaded in Panama. Some of you may recall our Panama shipping experience, when they refused to load our truck camper and after much wrangling we managed to load it ourselves.

We were right to panic, the container was to be reloaded and transferred to another ship but the Panama dock workers damaged the container with a fork lift. Why are we not surprised! The container they claimed, was now too damaged to be loaded onto a ship. Eek what about the contents, our Nissan and camper. No damage they claimed and promised to send photos, we are still waiting for those. The Nissan had to be removed from the damaged container and transferred to new container. We held our breath will they refuse to load it this time, would we need to fly the “Squeeze Team” to Panama to rescue our Nissan?

We breathed a sigh of relief when we received an email detailing the new container number and ship’s name. Except when we tried to track the container, (yes you can track containers and ship on the internet) we found it not in Panama but in Bogota Colombia!!

International phones call were made, emails flew through the ether. Nobody seems to know where our truck camper is. Not very reassuring but we remain optimistic. When shipping our Land Cruiser from the Cameroon in Africa it went off on its own adventures for 5 months, without telling us where it was but eventually made it way home.

We are not sure when the truck will arrive. We have had several dates in fact we have had several names of ships it is supposed to be on as well.

I have a message for our Nissan.

“If you see this post know that we still love you so please come home or just call to tell us you are safe.”

Missing Reward Offered

Please Come Home We Promise to Keep You Warmer This Time

For those who missed our shipping experience in Panama here is the video

YouTube Preview Image



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11 Responses to “Nissan Titan and Camper Missing in High Seas”

  1. Robert says:

    Imagine looking for your wallet after the container is closed up and remembering you left it on the dashboard of the first truck? Nice video. I wish I had the time and money to take my truck on such a cool trip. Thanks for sharing.

  2. AdvSprtJanet says:

    We drove in frontwards as we were not sure we would actually fit in the container. We did reverse in when shipping back to Canada which can be seen in the video Shipping Chile to Canada. However even when you reverse in people have to crawl underneath the vehicle to secure all wheels.

  3. Saw your video of the “squeeze team” trying to load the trucks. Just wondering why you didn’t back them in? It seems like it would have been a lot easier to get a driver in and out if he was facing the container door. Interesting trip.

  4. OH NOOOO!
    Our car has been unloaded with a forklift in Vancouver and you know how that worked out.
    We really hope your truck is gonna make it back home. But probably you taught your truck to enjoy traveling around the world, and now it dicided to wander of alone! We hope everything is gonna work out, because Bram still wants the plate 😉

    Bram and Anouk

  5. heather says:

    if trucks could talk….

  6. Our sincere good wishes for the return of your missing truck – I’m sure he knows you still love him!

  7. marc says:

    No wonder you didn’t mention where your truck was in your last email to us:
    You didn’t know where it was!!!
    So, I understand it was (still is, I hope) suppose to arrive in Vancouver?
    Must be some tense anxiety filled moments… At least you are home and your trip is done but still… would be nice to know where your investment is…
    Good luck. Keep us posted!

  8. mashoud says:

    So sorry for your ordeal…not so much fun especially around New Year and the X,mas glitter.
    Here is what I think.. Your Titan fell in love with something in Colombia and is sailing high because of it…LOL!!!
    Just hope they are not welding new false bottoms for its voyage back to Mushroom country… Just speculation, mind.
    Best wishes and hope you found a good roof over your heads.

  9. AdvSprtJanet says:

    Hi Daniela yes we too wondered if it would arrive on time, our shipping saga from Panama to Colombia took 1 month and of course our Cameroon experience was 5 mnths. We have now shipped 6 times and the most efficient was believe it or not from Congo and from Israel.

  10. I was wondering if your vehicle would make it to Canada “on time”. I am assuming that you are not waiting in Vancouver for it? I think our van travelled for an extra 3 months without us!

  11. Jon C says:

    At least it’s not on *this* container ship! – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkCxKR35Gl4

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