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While we are travelling, please don’t send any attachments with emails as we don’t always have access to reliable internet and it causes all sorts of challenges.

If you are planning to overland across the Americas 2010-2012 please contact us as we may be on the same route. Safe travels

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Whether you’re arranging a motivational seminar for your company, an inspirational morning for your students or simply an evening of adventurous thrills and spills we can custom fit a presentation to suit your needs.
Refreshingly non-heroic: the story of an ordinary couple who live the dream, emphasizing the importance of commitment, planning and taking back control of their lives.
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If you are interested in having us talk, we can be reached via email only while on the road


We have done over 60 presentations, to school children, executives, public, outdoor clubs and associations and private organizations. Our presentations at the Window on the World series at the Calgary Zoo are sold out presentations.  Our largest audience has been 500 people. We love to share our stories, make you laugh and cry and take you on an incredible journey of adventure.

“Tom and Janet delivered an engaging and entertaining examination of life through the eyes of those who are willing to leave the safe confines of home.  They were able to tie their travel experiences to important lessons and messages about life in a way that awed an audience from 13 to 83.”

Kurtis Leinweber
Principle Educator
FCCA High School, Calgary

“Our students had the distinct pleasure of meeting with Janet and Tom over the course of two years as they shared their experiences from their excursions throughout the African continent. This included regular email updates during their last trip.

Building a connection with Janet and Tom helped our students develop a greater understanding of what it is like to live in many African countries. Their straightforward way of talking about what they had seen and experienced painted a vibrant picture of the many wonderful aspects of the lives of people thousands of miles away, while at the same time clearly reflecting the hardships faced on a daily basis by millions of people.

.Janet and Tom’s contributions to the work we are doing to help our student become “Compassionate, active, global citizens” has been immeasurable. We could not have painted such a clear picture having not experienced what they have. We are indebted to them for their willingness to share and be a part of the work we are doing.

We look forward to having them in to talk to our students again in the future and hope to connect regularly with them as they set out on new adventures.”

Simon Clarke
Vice Principal
Jennie Elliott Elementary

“What an amazing couple! Two intrepid explorers for whom the world is barely enough. Travelling from Cape Town to Cairo up the East coast of Africa and then returning to travel the West Coast of Africa, journeys the rest of us would never dare to attempt. It has been a fabulous several years living vicariously on Tom and Janet’s website and trying to follow the impossible life they have chosen. Their presentations bring to life the adventures and experiences. Truly amazing presentations.

Bring on Alaska to Tierra del Fuego we can hardly wait and many thanks for sharing your adventures.”

Bob Park
Hunt Oil Calgary

“I thought the presentation was great! It really told us a lot about the life in Africa. The animals were spectacular, especially the mother leopard and her cubs, The pictures of all the garbage really struck me. Like all those empty plastic bags just flying in the wind. It’s totally not fair if we get to go to school with lots of books, pencils and erasers. Then we have all these desks. The picture were all these kids were squashed in one single desk.”

Qasum 9years
Calgary Public School

“The presentation was really, really good today! Tom and Janet were really good at explaining their trip to us and I definitely learnt a lot. I was surprised that even though the children don’t have good education, when they were talking about the garbage, they had really good ideas about how to help others and have healthy playgrounds”

Samantha 9 years
Calgary Public School

“The Africa presentation was great, I learnt so much of how African people survive. I found it most interesting how everywhere they went there were tomatoes. Out of all the vegetables and fruits, I least expected tomatoes.

It is terrible how some kids in Africa have to survive living with landmines (Angola).”

Zach 9 years
Calgary Public School

“Tom and Janet are interesting and entertaining speakers.  Their presentations are well thought out and compelling stories of their travels.  They are fun, caring, compassionate and honest people who have taken unbelievable lengths to see people and places so far from “our normal world.”  They take us right there for the good and the bad of travels to 3rd world places with a spouse !!”

Gillian Cardwell
Calgary Zoo