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There are no destinations in our travels. Our journey is one of self discovery. For a better understanding of the world and those who share it with us.

Currently Planning an Overland Expedition Across Asia  


Happy Overlanders

Happy Overlanders

My mind was cluttered with thoughts, ideas of how I want to spend my retirement whirl around in my head. A desperate feeling that I was running out of life, the time to do all I wanted to do before I either became unable or simple died. Time was decreasing daily as I struggled to decide how to spend the rest of my life, my final years. Not that I am old but retirement was looming on the horizon, my career no longer my life, my children long gone, my husband achieving his career goals. I had to get new direction, a new me, a new life.

It is now 3 years later since that wintery day when I asked myself the question, “If I had one year to live what would I do?” If you had told me then what I actually would be doing and have done I would have said, “You have got to be shitting me!!! No way would I ever survive that.”

But the question had hardly left my lips when I answered myself and a sense of excitement surge through my soul. I suddenly felt a huge sense of relief. I could hardly wait to tell Tom of my plans

I greeted Tom at the door with a glass of wine and announced, “I have something to tell you”
I went on, “I am going to drive across Africa and I want you to come with me but if you don’t I am still going”

To say he was speechless would be the understatement. But as soon as he had gathered his composure the questions started. “What about our jobs, our house, the kids, the dogs, how are we going to pay for it?”

“If I had one year to live,” I replied, “I would want to drive across Africa. There are no guarantees in life and now is as good a time as ever; you coming or not?”

“Can’t you just have an ordinary mid-life crisis like your friends?” he asked before finally realizing my mind was made up.

Perhaps it was a midlife crisis and if it was, it was the best damm midlife crisis I could have wished for.

Several days later after some more lengthy discussions and a few little domestic disputes, he was in total agreement and planning for our first overland trip started in earnest.

We have now completed both East and West Africa overland expeditions traveling over 80,000km for a total of more than 500 days on the road; a distance equivalent of twice around the world, traveling through 34 African countries.

Tom, despite being 60 has never really grown up. His wild nature and fearless risk taking has resulted in broken bones, near death experiences, and every moment of life fully lived. He’s tried golf and fishing but can’t stand still long enough. He started his adult life as a navy seal and tried professional scuba diving before he decided to study geology. He loves outdoor living, exploring first for minerals and finally for oil. (We are still hoping for that gusher!!)

Janet has endless energy and curiosity. Her first love are her children who share her sense of adventure and ongoing leanings about the diversity of our planet, the wonders of wildlife, nature, people, cultures and treasures of the world.

In 2009 we decided that traveling across the Americas so we have sold our home and gave away or sold all of our possessions. We were homeless and free to wander. In 2010-2012 we explored the Americas heading south from Alaska to Eastern North America before heading south to Central and South America. After 17 months on the road and 65,000km we arrived at Ushuaia.

We returned to Calgary and settled for a while and earn some “travel money” for our next trip. We made the decision to head to Asia but not before taking a detour back to South America to explore Brazil, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana. Our planning has once again begun in earnest, weather patterns, routes and more. We are hoping to be back on the road in 2015.

We have spent our time back in Canada exploring the wonderful Rocky Mountains and BC. Canada is still one of the most wonderful countries in the world.

Thanks to our children Derek, David, Marzena and our grandchildren Samantha and Jakob for all their love and support in planning for these trips.  To all our friends for their hilarious comments, suggestions, advice and good wishes, remember we always come back!

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